Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Witnessed Love!

I attended this week’s worship at the Downtown Rescue Mission. Faith generally leads the worship service the third Monday of the month. I’ve come to enjoy these services though I wasn’t really expecting anything special. Wow, was I wrong!

Frank started the service with the question, “How do we know that Jesus is with us? What evidence do we have?” Then Nancy woke us all up with a rousing praise song sung as both round and energizer. Jerry then led us in confession and a message of forgiveness. Then Bob provided the message. It was about the bread of life using two passages from John. The second passage was about Jesus predicting his betrayal by Judas; John 13:21-27. The message was a truly Spirit inspired interpretation of Jesus’ identifying Judas by serving him bread. Given Jesus’ complete understanding of the importance of earthly bread and the bread of life he offers, this act was interpreted as both the initiation of the events of his crucifixion but simultaneously also a forgiving of Judas for the role he was about to play. Then Jerry and I served the people croissants; an act of service unlike any I had ever experienced before. It was humbling at the same time as being uplifting.

That service took me from low expectations, to awakeness, to forgiveness, to awe for the gifts of the bread of life and the presence of the Spirit, to truly experiencing a humble act of service. What better proof of the power and presence of Jesus in my life could I want?

But, oh no, He wasn’t done yet! After the conclusion this young woman came over to thank us and bless us for the service with tears in her eyes. She then approached Jerry and gave him a hug; and in that hug melted. The burden was too much and the tears started flowing. Jerry sat with her to pray. I don’t know what was discussed or confessed and I have no need to know. The picture of this woman’s tear filled face, full of both agony and release, in the full fatherly hug of the love of Christ will be forever etched in my memory.

Truly evidence aplenty for those that will open their eyes and see. I witnessed love!


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